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"I would recommend Brian Udink from Guardian CPA to anyone. He is informative, kind, thorough and takes the time to answer your questions."

Cyndi Huskey
Idaho Custom Lifts & Elevators

"Brian has a keen sense of order, attention to detail, and sound decision-making ability. I recommend him and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again."

Adam Whitaker

Chief Development Officer,

Utah Nevada Region, American Red Cross

"Brian consistently does the right thing in the right situation... Hard work and intelligence are hallmarks of Brian's character, which ensure that he will get the job done, and make sure it is done well. I have been impressed with both his creativity and his perseverance in completing tasks."

James (Jim) Parke

Former President & CEO of Otter Products, LLC

“Brian is an excellent worker with great skill in accounting and operations. He executes his job functions at the highest level. I highly recommend Brian for any job he may pursue.”

Mark Ball, MBA

"Brian has high integrity and works very well with people. He is the kind of manager where you could never be upset with him because he is always looking to help someone out more than he is being helped."

Chris Miles

Cash Flow Expert teaching entrepreneurs

"Without his relentless dedication and commitment to the success of my program, I would not have been able to be pass many external audits. He is very good at sniffing out internal points of contention and working with the team to ensure that we get the issues resolved..."

Angie Hellstern

Black Belt, MBA


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