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Best Practices for Document Preparation














To help ensure our appointments are as productive and timely as possible, we ask that you send them to us before your appointment so we have time to input and review the data before our meeting. When preparing your documents to send (or bring) to us, we recommend following these guidelines:

What Do I Need to Bring?

  • Have a separate document for identification (if required). This can include items such as a Social Security Card, Driver's License, Passport, Green Cards, Government issued picture IDs, Service Cards, etc. 

  • For charitable donations, get a receipt or statement from the organization for cash or non-cash donations; make sure the value of donated goods is present on the receipt. If making a totals spreadsheet, please combine totals per organization, and mark if it is cash or non-cash.

  • If unsure about whether you need a document, send it or contact us with your question(s). We will be happy to assist!

How Should They Be Submitted?

  • If you own a business, keep the related documents in its own folder. Keeping personal and business documents separate helps avoids confusion. If you own multiple businesses, keep each of them in a separate folder.

  • Try to keep the same type of documents grouped together, for example W2's, 1098's, etc.

  • If physically bringing in documents, unseal any unopened envelopes if applicable. This greatly speeds up the scanning process.

  • If possible, send any electronic documents in the .PDF format and spreadsheets as .XLSX or .CSV.

  • For scanning and pictures, adequate lighting helps keep information visible. We recommend a scanning machine or the Microsoft Lens app (or similar) for best results.

  • Ensure documents are not cut off or blurry before sending them.

  • To help us in your tax return preparation, life event changes are worth noting! Some examples could include: change in marital status, number of dependents, buying or selling a house, starting or operating a business, going to school in pursuit of trade or degree, etc.

  • Documents and records are to be submitted electronically, mailed (and received), or dropped off 7 days before your appointment.

  • If documents are not submitted at least 3 DAYS BEFORE your scheduled appointment, we will have to reschedule. 

Where Do I Submit Them?

  • Documents can be submitted through our secure doc exchange software (See "Portal" tab), OR by mail, OR you can use our physical drop box anytime, including after hours. 

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