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Services and Areas of Practice

Advisory & Advocacy

A woman giving financial advice to a man

Advisory services focus on listening and gaining an understanding to your needs and objectives and then formulating options and offering recommendations. This consulting role keeps you in full control while providing and applying our business expertise.

Audits and tax notices can be stressful and difficult to navigate. Advocating on your behalf means we help provide responses, we explain what is happening, and we work on your behalf to mitigate risks and optimize your outcomes.


Business Planning/Services

A person writing business plans on a chalkboard

The statement "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" is true; often times, business planning did occur in some form but is this just a document or a living document that helps you achieve your goals...?
Let us show you how some structured planning can help you achieve your goals faster, reduce your costs, and improve your business.


A man doing bookkeeping next to a pile of books
Intuit Quickbooks Logo

We recognize that bookkeeping can be a challenge; it also can distract from the energies you wish to put toward the core strength of your company.


Whether you are looking for daily / weekly bookkeeping, or you need a monthly closing of the books, or just having a sanity check, we are here to help you.


We are Intuit certified as well as Advanced QBO.

  • Setup & Training

  • Quick Answers, Tips, and more...

Let's keep your books in order, on-time, and accurate.


Managing Cash Flow

A person holding a stop watch next to a pile of money

Cash is king. Regardless of what is on paper, bills come around like clockwork and you need cash to meet these obligations.


Knowing your cash inflows and outflows is a first step to peace of mind. Managing these flows is key to both meeting obligations and knowing what is available for growing your business. Whatever your situation, you usually need capital. Let's look at strategies to help you free up capital to meet your needs.

Compliance & Taxes

IRS tax form 1040

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of taxes?


Okay. Now that we've pushed past not-so-pleasant thoughts, let's get to work... let us know what you need and we will guide you the rest of the way. We have you covered in tax planning, advisement, filings, or responding to an audit.

Let us navigate the statutes and rules -  federal, state, unemployment, insurance for worker's compensation, and more...

Reporting & Analysis

Pen and glasses resting on financial balance sheets

Financial reporting serves as management tool that shows how the company is performing:


  • Which product or service is helping or hurting the company;

  • Where you are resources going;

  • The sources of cash and more...

Financial analysis empowers management decision-making, and it is utilized by financing institutions for making decisions on lending... know what they know and more...

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