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Submitting Documents to Guardian CPA

  • If you are dropping off required Tax Preparation documents (ID and records), or business documents, no appointment is necessary. 

  • Some documents can be submitted through our secure doc exchange software (See "Portal" tab), OR by mail, OR you can use our physical drop box anytime, including after hours.

Want to Schedule an Appointment?

Pre-Appointment during Tax Season (Jan to mid April):

  • We will gladly help you schedule an appointment to discuss your situation. 

  • Documents and records are to be submitted electronically, mailed (and received), or dropped off 7 days before your appointment.

  • If documents are not submitted at least 3 DAYS BEFORE your scheduled appointment we will have to reschedule. 

What to bring? Click here for a list.​

  • We prepare for tax discussions by getting initial inputs done and then meeting with you to clarify or align on next steps; the goal is to finalize the return or be very close to finishing. 

Step-By-Step Instructions to schedule your appointment:

Step 1:  Select the appointment box that indicates the focus of the appointment and the desired interface (i.e. In person, Zoom).


Step 2:  Select the date / time. Note: When a date is Blue, there are available times on that date. Click on the date, and then click on the desired time.  

Step 3:  Input your contact information and a brief description of your needs for the appointment.

Step 4: You will receive a confirmation email. Open the email and confirm the appointment. 

Post-Appointment during Tax Season (Jan to mid April):

  • Tax returns may finalize during the appointment. In this case, the Tax Return is signed, payment made and then filing occurs.

  • In some cases, some additional work is required to finalize the return after the appointment. Once finished, we will discuss changes. When we are ready to finalize, we will sign, payment made, and then filing occurs. 

  • Payment in full is required before a Tax Return is filed.


  • A copy of your tax return will be provided (electronically by default, but a hard copy is available on request).

  • We maintain electronic copies of records per legal requirements, with security and backup protocols in place.

By scheduling a tax return appointment, and conveyance of tax documents with intent to engage services for tax preparation, clients agree to the general Terms of Service in our Client Tax Engagement Agreement. 

Payments are due AFTER service has been provided, but BEFORE the tax return is filed with any taxing agency.

By using Calendly you agree to their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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