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We offer many services and these are customized to each client's needs. That said, below are ranges that can be expected for a few common fees and various service categories. An accurate estimate is provided in an engagement letter which is provided following a discussion to understand your specific needs.



  • QuickBooks subscriptions: as a client, you can get accounting firm pricing which can save you up to 10% off monthly subscription prices. Subscriptions range from $25-180/month, with payroll at a separate price based on number of employees.

  • Admin (Copies, faxes) and research tasks - minimum of $8 fee with research fees based on hours.

  • Delinquent balances, NSF, etc - minimum $20 and a percentage based on overall balance.


Advising clients in pursuit of goals, training, financial planning for individual or business needs, tax planning and financial statement analysis and presentation, this category has a wide spectrum for needs. The minimum fee is $65 and for some advisory services that are not part of our advisory packages, the hourly rates start at $130/hr.


Businesses seeking executive type support, may seek a short to longer term engagement tailored to each business and the level of involvement they seek. Strategic advisement, process improvements, and more is possible through packaged advisory service level agreements (Essentials, Basic Plus, and Professional) Services that start at $560/month.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Packages

​Setup bookkeeping fees and write-up services range in complexity and frequency. Many of these services have a minimum $70 threshold and an hourly rate associated with them. Our firm offers monthly accounting packages which often is a great value to our small business clients as they get a trusted business and accounting professional to help ensure accurate books and help with ANY firm service to meet their current and changing needs. These packages start at $300/mo based on level of support and are bucketed into Tier levels based on volume of transactions and overall revenues.

Tax filings and Services

Taxes vary from individuals to businesses and the number of forms required for each situation. Our firm bills on a fee basis for each tax form. This is a standard practice for tax preparation services. In situations where there is significant disorganization or incomplete files, and for audits and other complicated tax issues, additional fees and retainers (significant issues) may be required.

  • Simple individual or business quarterly tax filings have fees that start below $100 but final cost is based on forms required to be filed and hence the time and expertise for each return. The average individual return is between $180-250. When returns require filing in multiple states, a fee for each additional state return is added.​

  • Business returns vary in complexity and number of forms. Simple business (Sch C types) returns typically start around $300 and go up from there. Businesses engaged in other services (bookkeeping or advisory) receive discounted fees for tax preparation).

  • File extensions have a $50 fee and amendments or other services may incur additional fees.


  • ​Who doesn't like discounts, right? Again, we want to build strong, healthy relations, so we offer loyalty discounts up to 10% off services for ongoing services and automatic billing. We also recognize public service so those of military, police, fire, and teacher professions (or retired) can receive discounts. Once verified, any engagement will include these in billings.

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