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Submit Important Documents Here​​

Protecting your data is a primary concern for us. We hope to keep this process simple but secure. Our portal exchange encrypts our communications and any data so we are not transmitting sensitive information via email, post, etc. This optional service provides our clients with a safe and fast means of communication.

How to upload documents to the portal: 

Step 1:  Click the "Secure Portal" button to take you to the portal.


Step 2:  If you have an account, sign in. If you do not have an account, contact us at (or by phone at 208-501-0787) and we'll send you a link to create your account.  

Step 3:  Fill out the information under the profile tab if needed and select the checkbox that says "Information is Complete".

Step 3:  Upload files via the Upload button in the "To Preparer" section. All files will be encrypted and can only be accessed by the user and authorized Guardian CPA staff.

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